Lana Gray International has always had our doors open to everyone. We proudly have served the LGBTQ community since the 80’s and take pride in being able to make everyone feel better about themselves. Every person is treated with respect and privacy here and we are happy to discuss hair removal options that will best serve your goals in being your most authentic self. We offer fully body electrolysis as well as pre-surgical site clearing.



It’s the androgen blockers that really slow down the hair. Hormones play a very large part in how hair grows and as time goes by and treatment progresses, hair growth can slow and become sparser on the body, but it doesn’t altogether disappear. We try to recommend to clients to start with the face first and lt the hormones work their magic! Once the face is cleared during each session we can branch off to there / other parts of the body.

If Genital Reassignment Surgery is being planned, you will need to plan to remove genital hair.
GRS surgeons have been able to drastically reduce the need for abdomen and hip skin grafts in patients who removed hair from the scrotum and penile base, and they strongly advise having genital electrolysis before GRS.

We have found clients usually will have a schematic or picture of what their surgeon prefers and this usually encompasses hair from he penile shaft and around its base, also scrotum and perineum forward from the anus.

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