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Laser Hair Removal

The LASER Method

With the LASER Hair removal method, the client will experience permanent hair reduction of about 90%.

The process involves local selective absorption of intense light pulse at wavelengths that are absorbed by hair follicles but not by the surrounding tissue.

There are individuals that are not candidates for LASER. Individuals that are currently taking Accutane or have a history or at risk of melanoma, individuals who are pregnant are taking antibiotics or are on Retin-A will need to delay treatment.
We offer the GentleMax, Candela’s newest LASER hair removal system.  The GentleMax LASER allows us to work on all skin types.
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 Advantages of Laser:
• Fast
• Less painful than electrolysis
• Cost effective
• Can treat ingrown hairs
• No noticeable redness or swelling within 10 minutes for most clients
• Permanent hair reduction
• Normal shaving is permissible between sessions
 Disadvantages of Laser:
• Not suitable for blond or gray hair
• Not suitable for small areas such as eyebrows
• No tanning for two weeks before therapy
• No tanning for one month after therapy

What is the difference between Laser and electrolysis?

The main difference between laser hair removal and the traditional method known as electrolysis, is that lasers can treat multiple hair follicles at one time, no longer requiring the need to identify and probe each individual hair follicle, as is done with electrolysis. Laser hair removal is relatively new technology. The FDA, however, has provided clearance that indicates lasers can achieve a permanent reduction in hair growth based on clinical tests with patients who have hair reduction two years after treatment completion. Most people need an average of 3-6 treatments. Hair grows in cycles and subsequent treatments are necessary to treat the follicles that are lying dormant below the surface of the skin. These dormant follicles contain little pigment and are often not affected by the first treatment.
Both technologies have advantages and disadvantages. But in general, the laser hair removal is the most practical, faster, least expensive professional method available to remove unwanted hair.
The combination of the two technologies is the “BEST” option in our opinion.

How does the laser work?

The laser creates a beam of high-intensity light that penetrates deep into skin where it delivers a controlled amount of targeted therapeutic heat. The wavelength, energy and size of aperture used determines the depth  the heat is concentrated. We will be concentrating on your hair follicles, ending further hair growth from that active follicle.

Is it true that a successful Laser treatment would depend on my skin and hair color?

Unfortunately, individuals with blonde, white, gray hair and most red heads are not good candidates for laser since these hair colors either don’t have much or any pigment in them, which doesn’t allow them to absorb the light as well.  GentleMax, Candela’s newest hair removal system works on all skin types.  This system contains both the YAG Laser for tanned and dark skin and the Alexandrite Laser for the lighter skin.

How does the LASER work and how effective is it?

All lasers have an energized substance that will increase the power or intensity of the light that passes through it.  Inside the laser cavity, the laser light is bouncing back and forth when it builds to the desired intensity the amplified energy escapes.  This light is the laser beam.  Most individuals will experience an 80-90% reduction in the amount of hair in a given area.  The FDA states “Permanent Hair Reduction – Long –term stable reduction in the number of hairs regrowing after a treatment regime.”

Are there any risks that I should be aware of?

As with any other treatment of this nature, there will be potential side effects.  Risks of these side effects are minimized if treatment instructions are followed.  Individuals should inform their operator of any changes to their medication.  If you are pregnant, are taking antibiotics or are on Retin-A, you will need to delay treatments.

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